My dreams and visions with God . . .

There is a small town off the central coast of California.  Homes, businesses and a University are nestled between mountains.  When you drive about you see cattle, vineyards, horses and orchards.  After twenty-five years of priesthood, I have chosen to come to this country place to continue my story with God: the God who speaks in a tiny whispering sound and the God who opens a passageway through the sea. This journal contains my dreams and visions as I make my way in this enchanted countryside.

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An Advent Message from the Country Priest

I always get a little uncomfortable when people begin to refer to “God’s plan” in life’s challenging moments.  It feels as if there is only one option available to us in discernment.  If we happen to make a choice that is not in alignment with whatever course God has in mind – we are lost.  Rather, I believe that God is always working with us in our decision making and in the direction our lives take and even if we stray, God continues to work with us in leading us to freedom and fearlessness.

The theology of the Immaculate Conception celebrates the reassurance that when God has something definite in mind for humankind he will prepare the background beforehand.  The Virgin Mary was selected by God even before her conception to serve in a miraculous way and that knowledge should bring you courage that if God has something specific in mind – it will happen.  If this idea interests you I offer you my homiletic reflections from this year’s feast.

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