Day 6 Angels

“See, I am sending an angel before you,
to guard you on the way
and bring you to the place I have prepared. 
Be attentive to him and heed his voice.” 
Exodus 23

In 1991 the filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan released a movie entitled “Grand Canyon.”  The film is about alienation and connection between various characters who live in the Los Angeles area.  In one scene the actor Kevin Klein is waiting to traverse a busy downtown intersection on foot and being distracted he attempts to cross the dangerous street before it is safe.  As he steps off the curb someone from behind grabs his jacket and pulls him back just as an enormous city bus whooshes across and would have killed him.  He is dazed and as the light changes and the crowd begins to swarm past him to the other side he realizes he has no idea who saved him so he shouts out “thank you.”  And a young woman dressed in work clothes and baseball cap turns and with a smile and a wave says “a pleasure,” before disappearing into the throng.   There is something about that scene that delights me – the idea that there are angels among us who protect us as we face the dangers of the world.

I am reminded of the real world angels who come to the rescue everyday in catastrophes.  The people who ran into the blast zone in Boston last week to assist the wounded, the community in East Texas who opened their houses to families newly homeless after the explosion of the Fertilizer Plant.  The courage and hope demonstrated by adults who adopt small children already addicted to cocaine and the countless numbers of individuals who volunteer in soup kitchens, nursing and maternity homes and prisons.  I believe God will send angels to us when we find ourselves shattered and frightened.   And I pray that we will be those angels of mercy to those in need when the unimaginable happens and our world is exploding around us.

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3 Responses to Day 6 Angels

  1. Brenda Sorensen says:

    I just finished reading To Heaven and Back, by. Marcy Neal, MD. A WONDERFUL book. It has given me great comfort to know that I am never alone, that God and his angels are all around every minute of everyday. What is especially comforting is, as my children are growning and flying the nest, I KNOW they are never alone. It feels me with a sense of peace and calm.

  2. glynis williams says:

    What a precious gift I received today! Thank you, as always, Father Matt. My soul has been whispering a prayer that I am not able to articulate but in my heart as soon as I saw your “Journal” I knew it had been answered. Thank you God!

  3. Martha Dolciamore says:

    When our world seems to be going very very bad, my first reaction is to pray: Dear God, hold us, comfort us, help us at this terrible time for we are in need of you right now. On a popular comedy show, this analogy was made and I have often used it: when you are on the Titanic, you lower the lifeboats; you don’t stop to yell at the iceberg. So, when the news is bad, you pray; you don’t stop to yell at the television!!

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