Day 21 Possibilities

. . .  for nothing is impossible with God~
Luke 1

Many years ago, I was returning from a visit to my parents with an elderly nun friend of mine named Sister Angela. On the way to the airport there had been some kind of altercation between my father and me. Sitting on the plane with my friend I was fuming. My father and I shared a very bad trait: our brand of anger is self-perpetuating. I was systematically constructing a vortex of fury, blindness and despair. Sister Angela calmly looked at me and said, “you must take this to God, because it is too big for you, but it’s not too big for God.” That sentence changed my life. “It’s too big for you, but it’s not too big for God.”

I know, I know—I can envision the expression of skepticism on the faces of some of my friends. And I myself hate trite, inspirational phrases but something about the idea behind this content has brought me enormous peace over the years. I suppose this expression is related to the concept of the infinite possibilities of God. I am always preaching about God’s infinite possibilities and getting blank looks from congregations. Nevertheless, I keep pitching that ball into the park because it thrills me. It is exciting to consider that when we have exhausted our resources, when no more solutions seem viable, when every door is slammed shut, that something unexpected might happen. Have you never been in a situation when your circumstances appeared hopeless—when your imagination and ingenuity were stumped? And suddenly something wonderful happens? Something that you never considered unfurls and takes your breath away? Oh, I’ll bet it has. Stop shaking your head from side to side!

Being a believer is trusting that the Creator, the Father, the Intelligent Designer—whoever you imagine God to be—can envision solutions and outcomes that surpass our imaginings. Like a child that presumes the parent will protect and provide without being able to grasp how that remarkable reality will occur, so we consider our Higher Power will take that which seems unsolvable and create solutions, resolutions, healings, fulfillments, rainfalls, harvests, romances, joys and weave them all into the story of our lives so that we are saved.

Still shaking your head? Well, maybe this is all a bit too big for you, but . . .

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1 Response to Day 21 Possibilities

  1. Joanna says:

    This is great! Nothing is impossible with God.

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