Day 67 Ghost

Behold I tell you a mystery.
Not all of us shall fall asleep,
but all of us are to be changed – in an instant,
in the twinkling of an eye, at the sound of the last trumpet.
     The trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed.
        ~Paul to the Corinthians

For most of my life I did not directly experience death.  All the major players in my story lived on.  My Grandmother died when I was in my thirties.  A few years later my Uncle died, then my Aunt and about four years ago my Godmother.  Last year my Father died and memories of him keep surfacing like depth charges.   I do not necessarily feel my Father’s presence around me but scenes and moments from our life together replay in my mind.  Unexpectedly I will remember an expression, a tone of voice, like a scrapbook with random out-of-sequence photographs, I inexplicably envision fragments of the past.

I wonder if this is how one is haunted?  Not by the nocturnal rattling of chains but the popping up of clips of the past while driving the car, eating a meal or reading email.   What if the crucial relationships of our lives become like scenes from a film to be replayed over and over until our words, gestures and behavior become a part of someone else’s haunting?

For thirty years I have been analyzing life, death and resurrection but there is a great divide between the academic consideration and the lived experience.  How does this all work I wonder?   And perhaps more profoundly ~ what will happen next?

There’s always someone haunting someone – haunting someone.
     And you know who I am
though I never leave my name or number.
     I’m locked inside of you so it doesn’t matter.
There’s always someone haunting someone – haunting someone.
And I can’t sleep easy
     ‘cause I’m afraid of dreaming and then
     there’s the memory of the dream.
There’s always someone haunting someone . . .
          Haunting someone . . . .
                   Haunting someone . . . .
Carly Simon
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4 Responses to Day 67 Ghost

  1. Carol Rummel says:

    i choose to think this is someone “loving” someone, Fr. Matt.

  2. Gede Prama says:

    Love the inspiration and happiness radiating on your blog, Thank you friend 🙂

  3. When my son died I thought I would not be able to bear the pain. But; like you, Fr. Matt, I, too find myself having memories pop up almost daily. My son & I were VERY close. I’m hoping these daily reminders of him are somehow, him, reassuring me that all is well.

  4. Sharon Morabito says:

    My sister was my best friend, when she passed I was devastated, then the little snippets of memories came to visit ‘at odd times’. They were and are wonderful blessings from a truly loving God. June and my parents and friends that have gone before me are still in my heart and mind, God is so good, He allows us communion with then and in that moment with Him. Praise Him for His blessings.

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