Day 76 In Praise of the Everyday Hero

Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.”
            -Gerard Way

Recently I had my teeth cleaned.  In spite of my familiarity with this procedure, it never fails to surprise me how unnerving it is to have so many objects simultaneously inserted into my mouth.  Suction devices compete with misting water and fingers holding instruments scraping and polishing the teeth.  All these elements are being manipulated by the hygienist in a manner of complete nonchalance.  While trapped in her lair, it occurred to me how awkward it must be for her to be hunched over a patient while attempting to clean a complicated and irregular environment.  Imagine being her.  Each day facing a long series of clients with varied temperaments and responses to what is an invasive and uncomfortable circumstance.  And yet, every six months I find her to be unfailingly gracious and encouraging.  I have never known her to complain about neck or shoulder pain.  Never does she express self-pity at the dreariness of her daily task but instead makes an effort to present to the world a pleasant and get-the-job-done attitude.

I have great appreciation for those who approach their daily task with good will and humor.  There is a heroism I associate with the person who chooses to live and work with hope and courage.  The truth is that we all face daily tasks full of tedium.  Even James Bond 007 must dread another lengthy expedition to a foreign port, yet another arch-enemy to be outwitted, and one more exhausting seduction to be orchestrated!  Every life is full of back pain and money problems.  Each human person is struggling to overcome the past and brace for the future.  The cashier at the grocery store who extends a smile and a greeting to literally hundreds of daily customers is a hero to me.  So here’s to all the people who perform repetitive acts of service with style and zeal.  They make the daily hurdle a little more manageable.

Everybody is special.  Everybody.  Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody has their story to tell.
            -Alan Moore
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2 Responses to Day 76 In Praise of the Everyday Hero

  1. Lisa B says:

    Father Matt, You are certainly among those who make the daily hurdle a little more manageable!

  2. You’re a hero too, Father Matt, through your inspirational stories, writing and faith.

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