A Prayer for America

Dear God,
We the people place in Your hands
The American Presidential Campaign. We atone in our hearts
For all the mistakes leading
to the debasement of our political culture.
We surrender to you any judgment of others,
Our own unforgiveness and fear,
And pray that Your spirit prevail.
May Your hand be upon both Trump and Clinton.
May they both arrive where you would have them be.
And place your hand upon us all, dear God.
May we not be guided by fear
But by love,
And our nation returned to its highest ideals.
Forgive our foolishness,
Our carelessness,
And our lack of compassion
For each other and the world.
Dissolve the walls that divide us
And heal the wounds that bind us.
Make of us again, dear God,
a light unto the world.  Amen

~Marianne Williamson


This last week’s election brought great joy to many and significant despair to others.  And while we each have our own diverse reactions to the outcome, I want to remind you that when we enter the church, we leave behind the ebb and flow of politics, divisions and one-upmanship and pursue that which is eternal. For in the church we become one body of Christ seeking a way of living that brings us together.  Politics by its very nature can incite acrimony and division and when we submerge ourselves in the philosophy of Jesus Christ we attempt to eradicate separation and celebrate what unifies us.  The prayer presented above was written and published in anticipation of the election but I believe its sentiments continue to be valid in its aftermath.

Remember that when asked what is the most urgent of the commandments Jesus instructed us to love God with our whole heart, strength and soul and to love one’s neighbor is of equal importance.  And so as we in the United States enter a new era of leadership may we continue to invite all nations to come together in attempting to achieve peace, eliminate poverty, protect the natural resources of the planet and respect the humanity of all people.

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3 Responses to A Prayer for America

  1. Andy Armanino says:

    Well said Father Matt. Peace, Andy

  2. Gus Gocella says:

    Loved the prayer and thought it so appropriate for all Christians. Like your comments Fr. Matt and am happy you are back on line with us again. We in TN are looking forward to receiving your blogs again. Gus

  3. mrcoury@sbcglobal.net says:

    I miss him too. I loved his homilys. We’re you up at that early? Still on east coast time? I think we’re having bkfst with Jean and Max They went to the flea market. Sent from my iPhone


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