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I am a parish priest who has served several parish communities.  After twenty-five years of ministry I have chosen to pastor a small church on the central coast of California.   The town is nestled between mountains and when I traverse the landscape I see cattle, vineyards and orchards.  It is an enchanted place where my story with God continues to unfold.

18 Responses to About Me

  1. Jim Heitzig says:

    Carol and I are thrilled you’re doing this. You have such a wonderful gift that can now be shared by even more of God’s people. Looking forward to your weekly thoughts.

  2. June Smith says:

    Father Matt, it is obvious to see in your writing that you are content and feeling at home in your new parish community. It sounds like just what you needed most in this chapter of your life. Thanks for continuing to share your gifts with us.

  3. Karen Van Hook says:

    Father Matt, I’m so glad to see that you’re happy in your new parish, and I love the new journal. I’ll check back regularly. I’ve also left Aptos — I’ve moved back to Boston — but I treasure the memories of Saint Joseph’s of Capitola. Your homilies were often just what I needed to hear at the end (or beginning) of a hard week. I’m glad you’ll be sharing more of your thoughts with us through this format.

  4. Kim Conti says:

    Thank you for sharing with all of us! We are so fortunate to have you here.

  5. Jane Wells says:

    Father Matt, My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Wayne shared this site with me.
    They are so happy to have you in their community.
    Hope to visit you when I am visiting my family.

    Jane Wells
    Winters, Ca

  6. Jim Heitzig says:

    Jane, Father Matt is an extraordinary priest. We were fortunate to have him for 6 years in Capitola. I, for one, miss him terribly. But his blog is a wonderful way to continue to hear and contemplate on what he is thinking about in his life.

  7. Martha Dolciamore says:

    Fr Matt…Glad I had the experience of having you as our pastor at St Joseph’s at Capitola-by-the-Sea and now with this blog, we can continue to stay ‘connected’ by your wonderful writings and thoughts. God bless!

  8. Lisa Bustichi says:

    Hi Father Matt, What a wonderful surprise to see your email with a link to your site. I look forward to reading your entries. I miss you very much up here in Scotts Valley. Hope you are well. Lisa B.

  9. Lorraine Obrecht says:

    Dear Father Matt ~ Oh what a nice surprise to read your email and to be able to once again be connected to you through your thoughts and ideas. Have missed you since you left Scotts Valley but are so looking forward to reading your entries. Lorraine O.

  10. Julia Dingler says:

    Fathe Matt: Greetings from Capitola By The Sea; I was listening to your homilies on the podcast and then decided to come and read this blog; so happy to hear your voice and read your thoughts.
    I too am awaken many nights and it used to be upsetting now I pray and let my thoughts wonder and speak to God and I am refreshed.
    Wish that you could come to visit us,
    Julia Dingler

  11. Jesse Lopez says:

    Good Morning Father Matt, thank you so much for our engage encounter weekend! We are so blessed to have your teachings in preparation for our marriage…looking forward to our wedding day and visiting your parish soon. God Bless, Jesse & Reyna

  12. Father Matt – I found you after being relocated for work from Honolulu, HI to Santa Cruz, CA. I’ve since moved to Texas. Just wanted to thank you for your blog and podcast. I have had real trouble finding a priest that connects on the same level as you do. I am very grateful for technology, you and the ability to continue building my faith.

  13. Jennifer Holland says:

    Dear Father Matt: I was a teenager when you served at Sacred Heart in Salinas. I am now 38 and my entire family still talks about you. We feel blessed to have found your blog and podcasts, which we listen to in the car and while walking our dogs. You and Father Rudy were very dearly missed but your message has remained with us for more than two decades.

  14. Wm 'Gus' Gocella says:

    Dear Father Matt, You are an inspiration to many, especially me. I enjoy your journal, homilies and the inputs received by the many who follow. Boundless compassion is what I recently experienced reading “Tattoos on the Heart” written by Fr. Gregory Boyle,SJ founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. The book was given to me by my Sister, Josette SSJ and I couldn’t put it down. I cannot imagine the experiences he has gone through with his involvement with Gangs in LA neighborhoods or how he prayerfully helped so many. I highly recommend it for your reading.

  15. blmaluso says:

    Father Matt, My husband and I are blessed to have met you and are privileged to attend Mass where you are now serving. Our parish community is spirit filled, and your homilies always inspire and provoke much thought. God is surely working through you, and you are always in our prayers!

  16. Kelly Hacker says:

    Hi Father Matt,
    I’m so glad I found this website! You have been a tough act to follow! We loved spending every Sunday at Saint Augustine church in Scotts Valley when you were there. Of course you moved on and we moved to Hollister, Ca. You made a huge impression on our lives. You baptized all of our child and helped my husband through the RCIA program. Thank you! It’s a comfort that I can still hear your preaching here on this website. Best wishes !
    P.S. My son had his Comformation last month!

  17. Jess says:

    It’s now 2018 but I can still connect with you through priestly brotherhood. I am through with my fifty years as priest and I opted for a country side ministry in contrast to my previous assignment in seminaries and nearby city parish.

    • Jess says:

      By the I am from the Philippines. But I stayed in New York City for my studies at Fordham’s Graduate School of Religion.

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