The concept of Tweak Class and How To Screenplay is to have a professional screenwriter teach aspiring writers the business of screenwriting as it’s actually practiced day-in and day-out in the Film Business.

Some of the Industry’s top produced scripts are broken down and structurally walked through, providing students the firsthand insight and understanding necessary to workshop their own original ideas into successful first drafts.  Beat by beat, via lecture and uniquely productive peer interaction, we work hard to get our writers in the zone and keep them there.


ALL LEVELS OF WRITERS are encouraged to apply, especially aspiring writers currently outside the Industry who want to learn the professional art of screenwriting.  In short, my class will give you all the tools you need to get you started, and keep you moving forward in your quest to begin a screenwriting career.

How To Screenplay isn’t some new age mutual admiration society, or some coddling cottage-industry “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” encounter group session where everyone agrees how great we all are, how amazing our writing is, and how we “deserve” success, etc.  Not everyone that plays Little League around here gets a trophy 🙂

This is a no-nonsense program for serious aspiring professionals.  You’ll be  encouraged week-in and week-out by both me and your classmates to excel and push past the merely “good” to the undeniably “great”; to put a legitimate 100% of your creativity into your project as we work on cracking it together.  My students tend to become extremely tight-knit during the process — and remain so long after the classes are over.

In this town, real friendships among writers are rare things.  I like to think that Tweak Class is the exception to that rule — and the support I see my students share amongst themselves provides proof positive.


This weekly class will teach you all the critical screenwriting skills:

*  Story Structure
*  Plot Development
*  Character Development
*  Dialogue
*  All the basics from Concept to First Draft… and then some.

PLUS — Many of the intangibles — The Business of Screenwriting… Pitching your completed screenplay… Real Life “Do’s and Don’ts” for meetings… how to “read a room”… Agents/Managers… Big Picture strategies to get you where you’re going despite a brutal, dog-eat-dog business… my personal Hollywood war stories… and a lot, lot more.

My goal is to have your screenplay professionally plotted out and your First Act written by the end of twelve weeks.  Every single member of my classes has accomplished both these goals in Tweak Class.  Trust me, you will too.