Script Consulting

For those with completed screenplays, I offer personalized, professional script consulting, both in person and on-line.

This includes live interaction via Skype/Google Hangout or Phone, a complete set of prescriptive page notes starting page one, a detailed follow-up to these notes discussing strategy for necessary changes, and a workable game plan to make sure those changes are realized with maximum impact.

This is no hit-and-run, fly-by-night, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am Internet bullshit. As a working professional of over twenty years, I’ve got your back. You will have a definite strategy for moving forward by the time we’re finished working together. Check around. I have yet to see any so-called on-line “script expert” promise that level of involvement and those results.

Listen — You get one read in this town.  That’s all.  Don’t let your project become a casualty of an easy “no”.  It’s up to YOU as the writer to insure that first and only look is a slam dunk straight out of the gate.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  When it comes to writing and selling feature films, there’s but one simple truth that remains inviolate — you’re only as good as your story.  That’s why the 1920’s rejection slip above is still eerily accurate today.

No matter which stage of the process you may be at with your script — using it to attract an agent/manager, to present to studios/production companies/producers for option or outright sale, to raise independent financing, or to start physical production/filming — I have the perspective and depth of production experience to help you to accomplish your specific goal.

Consulting includes a complete scene-by-scene, page-by-page breakdown of your project.  You’ll receive explicit professional notes on all essential elements including — structure, dialogue, characterization and character relationships, production streamlining and budget reduction.

Bottom line — there’s a massive cottage industry built up around the screenwriting business these days, with a million “consultants” out there with varying degrees of ability and success claiming they can guide you.  Sure, everybody talks a good game, but how can you tell if they can actually HELP YOU, if their notes and ideas truly translate to the Business of filmmaking and financing as it’s practiced today?

My take is this –talk is cheap.  Why not remove the question marks by working with someone who’s proven their ability time and time again at the highest levels, someone with a legit resume of successful deals and produced films?

I’ve had a hit studio film, dealt with studio deadlines at their most extreme, and pretty much navigated the most harrowing curveballs any writer can face.  Steven Segal?  Elie Samaha?  Marcus Nispel? Been there, dealt with that.  I have complete confidence that whatever issues you’re facing, we can successfully crack and overcome them together.

Please contact me directly for more details on the consulting process –